The beautiful province of British Columbia, with its abundance of back country, is a popular choice to explore and enjoy leisure time and we are using off-road vehicles to do that.

An off-road vehicle is an ATV, snowmobile, trail bike or dune buggy.  Registration and insurance are now mandatory for off-road vehicles.

Registration is done through ICBC, and requires verification of purchase or ownership depending on when you purchased the unit.  Please contact us to discuss the requirements specific to your case.

Insurance is purchased through ICBC or our off-road market, Got Toys (underwritten by Oasis insurance through Lloyds of London)

Discounts are also available if you qualify.

Coverage applies to riding anywhere in Canada and the USA.

You can ride on forest service roads and crown land as long as you have a valid drivers license, which is one of the legal requirements when riding on an FSR in BC, and have purchased third party liability.

**Any off-road vehicles purchased after July 1, 2010 are subject to 12% tax based on the purchase price.

**If you have purchased your ORV out of province or country, please contact us to review what documentation you have and/or need.  Many of these cases require ICBC assistance on a case by case basis.

Coverage can also include

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