MacDonald-Gill Insurance offers a wide range of insurance products from personal and business, to recreational and various specialty markets. These services include:

Other products:

  • Special Event Liability coverage for parties, banquets, sports tournaments, beer gardens, tradeshow booths, kiosks, craft fairs, fundraisers, family or work picnics, funerals, corporate events. There are wedding packages for the event that included liability as well as cancellation, venue and vendor issues. Even a wedding dress mishap can be covered.
  • Goods in Storage coverage for those downsizing or waiting on completion for a new home. Goods in Storage coverage is required by most storage facilities and gives you the peace of mind when your goods are out of your possession
  • Glass Service contacts for your home or business are available. With home or commercial insurance deductible being $500-$5000 a glass contract can offer 24-hour emergency claim repair service. No deductible applies for homeowner, condo or tenant customers and as low as $50 deductible for commercial locations. Not to mention claiming glass this way will not affect your home or commercial insurance policy loss history or claims free status
  • Vacant dwellings or unoccupied dwellings are difficult to cover. Most insurance companies will not insure, or apply surcharges and coverage restrictions to locations that are vacant. There are specialty products available for this scenario.
  • Courses of Construction or homes undergoing a total renovation require special underwriting to ensure coverage over the various construction phases as well as to reflect the exposures related to construction. A course of Construction coverage should be arranged before completion of the foundation stage to receive optimum rating however some specialty markets are available for mid construction situations.
  • Deductible buy down products are beneficial to offset the industry trend of earthquake deductibles homeowners are facing.
  • Equipment breakdown and extended warranty products are available for your appliances and heating and cooling systems to avoid unexpected or unmanageable repair costs.
  • Vehicle Replacement Cost products through private markets that offer enhanced coverage offerings and timelines over ICBC’s product.

For further information on any of our products contact us at 604-468-4188 or you may request a quote.